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Robert Nicholls

Sometimes good things just 'happen', out of the proverbial blue.  My association with the talented paleo-artist Robert Nicholls is just such a serendipitous event. 

Robert first contacted me in 2002 to express appreciation for our website's material on fossil sharks, particularly that on the so-called "Megatooth Shark" (Carcharocles megalodon).  In addition, he very kindly and generously permitted me to use on our website an image of his spectacular painting, "Devourer of Giants".  I thanked Robert profusely and promptly posted the image of his painting on the most appropriate web-page. 

A few weeks later, Robert contacted me again, asking my assistance for a commissioned painting of the Ginsu Shark (Cretoxyrhina mantelli) and some Crow Sharks (Squalicorax kaupi).  His sketches of the Ginsu Shark were absolutely fabulous, but I sent him some minor suggestions about fin position and so on as well as images of a Crow Shark fossil body cast as well as some sketches of how I envision the living animal might have appeared.  I hoped that these would help Robert  reconstruct the Crow Sharks accurately.  To my delight, Robert used my reconstructions faithfully and the resultant painting was, once again, simply spectacular.  It was an unexpected bonus that Robert again permitted me to use on our website images of his preliminary painting of the Crow Sharks as well as the completed painting showing both species. 

Robert has recently developed a web-presence for his company, paleocreations, from which he sells prints of his exquisite and scientifically accurate paintings.  I am sure that visitors to our website wish Robert all the best in his venture and I would encourage anyone interested in paleo-art to check out his website.

Devourer of Giants
 Robert Nicholls, 
Carcharocles megalodon
 Robert Nicholls, 
Cretaceous Jaws,
 Robert Nicholls, 
and Sqaulicorax

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