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Field Guide to the Great White Shark

by R. Aidan Martin

ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research, Special Publication No. 1

with Special contributions by:
Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch,
Jeff Kurr & Caterina Gennaro,
and Ralph S. Collier

"Packed with information, photos, and drawings of the great white, this book will be an invaluable aid to those who want to learn more about our favorite shark, and to those who feel a particularly strong attachment to Carcharodon carcharias, the most charismatic of all sharks indeed, the most fascinating of all the ocean's great predators."

       - Richard Ellis, Author of The Book of Sharks

208 pages, 123 black-and white illustrations, including never-before-published photos and specially prepared artwork by acclaimed scientific illustrator, Alessandro De Maddalena

Includes CD-ROM featuring:

18 original video clips, including specially-created computer animations showing how the Great White protrudes its jaws, maintains its body temperature, and how its senses work, footage of spectacular Great White behavior, a first aid video, an invitation to join the author studying the Great White in South Africa, plus hot-links to selected Internet resources, including 'hotlinks' to recommended cage diving operators.

ISBN: 0-9732395-0-6   US$34.95, plus shipping and handling

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Shark Smart: the Divers' Guide to Understanding

Shark Behaviour by Richard (Aidan) Martin

Some copies of Shark Smart have been found and are being offered for $15. Written in 1995, it contains some of Aidan's favorite shark stories, instructions on becoming "shark smart", a guide to identifying 15 species of shark found in the Caribbean, and a section on shark attack.

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Shark Attacks of the 20th Century by R.S. Collier

This definitive work examines the scientific facts, shedding new light on this awesome and misunderstood subject. Based on 40-years of painstaking research "Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century" is the only book to chronicle every known shark attack over this 100-year period. Through bone chilling accounts in victims own words, detailed maps of attacks locations and never before published photographs, this book presents the most accurate and comprehensive data ever assembled on the fearsome topic of shark attack. The understanding gained from this book will temper fear with knowledge and provide clear and specific information that may well make the difference between life and death.

Hard Cover, 9" x 12", 296 pages, 112 maps and illustrations, 118 photographs, 42 charts, graphs, and tables, printed on acid free paper

ISBN 0-9719717-4-9, LCCN 2002104219    $59.95, plus shipping and handling

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Global Marine Environment #3

Includes an article by R. Aidan Martin summarizing his work on predatory behavior of white sharks, illustrated with spectacular full-color photographs of natural predatory events at Seal Island, South Africa. Also includes 14 other articles, exploring such diverse topics as how coral reef fishes find reefs, the benefits of schooling, biodiversity in deep waters of Antarctica, the sex lives of whelks, sea urchins killed by toxic algae, and island evolution in marine lakes. Fascinating peeks into the cutting edge of marine biology, told by the scientists who are doing the work.

Soft cover, 31 glossy, full-color pages. $10.00, plus shipping & handling.

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Text and illustrations R. Aidan Martin
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