How to Draw Sharks

Some people shy away from drawing because they think they're not good at it or that others will laugh at their efforts. That's a shame. Because drawing is easy and fun. True, some people have a natural 'gift' for drawing and can do so better or more easily than others. But drawing is a skill and - just like any skill - anyone can improve with practice.

Drawing sharks is relatively simple, once you know, 1) a little about how a shark is "put together", and 2) what to draw first. In this section, I will show you - step-by-step how you can draw a realistic-looking Great White Shark and how you can modify the basic technique to draw any kind of shark in virtually any position.

The technique followed here is based on one devised by professional artist Lee Ames, author/illustrator of the highly popular "Draw 50 ____" series of books. I have successfully taught hundreds of school children to use Ames' ingenious step-by-step method. If you follow these instructions carefully, you should get satisfying results on your very first try. Once you become familiar with the basic steps involved in drawing a shark, you might want to try some of the more 'advanced' techniques shown later in this section.

To follow these instructions, all you need is

When the time comes to shade your artwork, you may want to add

We'll start with a brief review of the features of a Great White Shark ...


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