Special Thanks

When I began my exploration of fossil sharks, I knew next-to-nothing about them.  To my delight, I have found that professional shark paleontologists and amateur fossil shark tooth collectors have been uniformly kind and generous in sharing their hard-earned expertise with me.  While I assume full responsibility for any errors of fact or interpretation that have survived these experts' attempts at expunging them from my work, I would like to put on record my grateful thanks to the following individuals who were extremely helpful in assembling Explorations in Shark Evolution.

I should also acknowledge the wonderful paleo-recreations by artist Ray Troll, whose inspired graphic eye and marvelous sense of humor continue to be downright inspirational

Super-special thanks to my wife, Anne, who with patience and good humor took all my raw text and pictures and converted it into a smoothly functioning website.

To all of you, I express my admiration, appreciation and sincere thanks.


ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research
Text and illustrations R. Aidan Martin
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