Topics in Shark Biology: Behavior

40 Winks Under the Sea - Why do normally active sharks rest on the bottom, sometimes in caves and sometimes not?

How Do Sharks Swim When Asleep? - Brief answer to this often-asked question

Requiem Threats - Agonistic Display in the Grey Reef Shark - What this peculiar behavior means and what to do if it's directed at you

A Curious Basker - Interpreting the strange behavior of a New England Basker

Catch as Catch Can - Predatory strategies of the Great White Shark

And in This Corner . . . - Do dolphins really beat up sharks?

Why Do Sharks Strand? - Does it have anything in common with whale strandings

Do Satellite Tags 'Jam' a Shark's Ampullae of Lorenzini?  - Given sharks'  extreme sensitivity of electrical fields, could such tags affect a tagged shark's behavior?

Do Sharks Make Sounds? - Sharks are generally thought of as "silent hunters", but are they?

Why Do Sharks Expose Their Dorsal Fins? - We've all seen it dozens of times in movies, but do sharks really swim with their dorsal fins above the surface and, if so, why?

Co-operative Hunting in Sandtiger Sharks - Intriguing reports from a pioneer American shark-watcher

Making a Shark Documentary - What's involved in finding new images and approaches for documentaries on this perennially 'hot' topic?  With notes on some grass-roots experiments on shark behavior, conducted opportunistically during a break in filming.


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Text and illustrations R. Aidan Martin
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