Topics in Shark Biology: Name Games

Grey Nurse vs Sandtiger - Are they the same species or different?

Recent Changes in Hammerhead Taxonomy - What do you mean they're no longer a valid family?

Origin of the Name "Nurse" Shark? - How did the Nurse Shark get its odd name?

The Value of Scientific Names - What good are they if taxonomists keep changing them?

Tangled Taxonomic History of the Sandtiger Shark - For some reason, the name changes of this species confuse and frustrate shark enthusiasts and professional ichthyologists alike.  Here's how the whole mess developed and was resolved.

Rhincodon or Rhiniodon? A Whale Shark by any Other Name - If you peruse the literature on the Whale Shark, you'll notice all sorts of variations on the spelling of it's scientific name.  Which name is correct and how did things get so messed up in the first place?


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