Topics in Shark Biology:
Reproduction and Life History

Intrauterine Cannibalism in Sharks - fetal sharks preying upon their unborn  womb-mates is rare, but more widely distributed among extant sharks than previously supposed

Biology of the Manta Ray - Find out about the natural history of these enormous, incredibly graceful, and altogether amazing rays

From Here to Maternity - Explore the many and varied ways that elasmobranchs bear their young . . . including a case of cannibalism inside the womb!

Port Jackson Egg Placement - Do Port Jackson Sharks really practice maternal care?

One Basket or Many? - Sharks and humans invest a lot of effort into producing a few, large young. What are the pitfalls of this reproductive strategy and when is it better to invest in a lot of tiny young?

Sandtiger: the State of Ignorance - We know surprisingly little about this abundant shark that does well in captivity. Here's what we do know.

Why are Filter Feeding Sharks So Big? - Is it the nature of planktonic food or the method food-gathering?

Batoid Size and Sexual Maturity - Do skates and rays become mature at a certain age or at a certain size?

Have Ecosystem, Will Travel - Find out about the strange partnership between the Greenland Shark and a parasite that eats its eyes

Stingray City Limits - Life history of the Southern Stingray and the danger posed by stingrays in general

Tooth of the Tiger - Did Tiger Sharks evolve their distinctive 'can-opener' teeth to prey on tough-shelled sea turtles?

Why Do Sharks Have Two Penises? - Mammals get along fine with just one.  Do sharks really have two and, if so, how do they use them?

Manta Ray FAQ - Answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about this graceful, mysterious giant.

Secret Life of the Unborn Shark - A close-up look at the developmental events that turn an undifferentiated egg into an embryo shark.

Elasmobranch Reproductive Modes - Definition and phyletic distribution of reproductive modes in sharks and rays.


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